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“The Road to Inaction is Paved with Research Papers”- NOT THIS TIME

Our team of faculty, students and international colleagues at Global Initiatives have written a number of papers and books, sharing new knowledge about how to fully address the global crisis of maternal and neonatal mortality. Our research papers aren’t usually accessible to the general public, especially to those who are interested in learning more about the issue and how to get involved. A similar situation was painfully pointed out during the world’s recent crisis encounter with Ebola. Research from the 1970s, acted upon then, could have changed the course of history. (

In this series of posts, Melani Kekulawala and I have summarized the findings from the University of Michigan’s partnership with the major universities in Ghana that have greatly reduced maternal morbidity and mortality through academic partnerships that completed the maternal care team with expert obstetricians. Our experience, research and conference gatherings identified this as a major gap in the global development agenda that puts the elimination of maternal and perinatal mortality at risk.

The graphic to the left is a bird’s eye view summary of our work. Please correlate our series of posts with this infographic to better understand the big picture of our findings. Primary sources are linked at the end of each post as well.